Hard Drive Recovery Service

Common causes of data loss on your hard drive:

1. software failure

Common software failures include virus infection, incorrect formatting or error partitioning, error cloning, accidental deletion or overwriting, hacking software vandalism, zero track corruption, hard disk logic locking, power failure during operation, accidental electromagnetic interference, data loss or corruption, A system error or defect caused the file to be lost or corrupted.

The software phenomenon generally indicates that the operating system is lost, the system cannot start normally, the disk reads and writes incorrectly, the required files cannot be found, the file cannot be opened, the file is garbled after opening, the hard disk has no partition, and the hard disk partition is not formatted.

2. hardware failure

Hardware failures include disk scratches, head distortion, broken arms, damage to the head amplifier, damage to the chipset or other components.

A hardware failure usually indicates that the system is not recognizing the hard drive. There is often a kind of “Kaca,Kaca” magnetic group impact sound or the motor does not turn, there is no sound after power-on, the magnetic head is not allowed to cause reading and writing errors.

Data loss due to data loss due to software failure or hardware failure, as long as the lost data is not damaged or covered, can still be retrieved securely by some specialized techniques. Here we introduce a professional hard disk data recovery software, which can solve the data loss caused by common software failures and bring security to everyone’s data security.

Top Data Recovery Software is a powerful, easy-to-use data recovery tool that recovers accidental deletions, formatting errors, missing, repartitioned or partitioned data. The software uses the latest data scanning technology to read raw sector data from the bottom of the disk in read-only mode. After the advanced data analysis algorithm, the lost directories and files are re-established in the original partition in memory. As with the original directory structure, the overall recovery is very good.

For hardware problems, it is recommended that you restore the hard disk directly to a professional recovery organization, such as Shanghai Tiandun Data Recovery Center. As long as the hard drive data protection is complete, I believe users can safely retrieve all the data!