Hard Disk Failure Top 3 Reasons

1.Built-in hard drive
If the hard disk in your computer or external box fails, please turn off the power immediately and try not to make any access to the hard disk. This makes data recovery easier and data recovery more complete. You can take the hard drive directly and send it to the company by courier or by mail.

If your hard disk is difficult to remove from the machine (notebook, tablet, external box), you can send the entire machine directly to Data Recovery Company, we will help you take out the hard disk and properly keep it. However, it is possible that the process of dismantling the hard disk will cause the warranty of your machine to fail. You can contact the original factory of the machine before sending it for repair.

The computer starts up with a blue screen, or the operating system cannot be started (eg mac, windows). The folder or file that was still in use yesterday suddenly disappeared. Want to open a folder or file, the system requires formatting Inadvertently accidentally deleting data into the computer. The BIOS caught but entered Windows and could not see the drive letter. Have a drive letter but read slowly or the entire computer is stuck. After the computer is turned on, it stops and emits “Da,da”, “da, da,da” or “Qi,qi,qi”

2.External hard drive
The storage device body can move files through simple connections such as USB and 1394. This storage device is very convenient to carry, transfer or backup data. However, due to these convenient features, the hard disk is often dropped or the hard disk is still in operation to move it. Because of the above situation, such a hard disk is often found to be a physical failure. Our professional engineer data has recovered a lot of hard drives in this situation, and has a very rich experience, we can safely hand over the hard drive to us.

I accidentally fell to the hard disk, and now the hard disk has an abnormal sound after power-on.
The USB flash drive connector is broken and the board is broken.
After cutting the data in the USB flash drive, it was posted on the desktop of the computer but suddenly crashed.
Inadvertently deleting data from the portable hard drive, When the hard disk is powered on, it will sound “Da, da”, “da, da, da” or “Qi, qi, qi”, and the hard disk will not be detected on the computer.
The hard disk will not turn after power on Pull hard drive data to the computer desktop but read slowly.

3.Encrypted hard drive data recovery
The common encryption conditions are encryption of the data in the hard disk, encryption of the hard disk encrypted by the laptop, encryption of the hard disk itself, encryption of the hard disk using other software, and encryption of the fingerprint verification. This is an effective way to prevent data leakage or theft. The need for hard disk encryption will gradually increase, but if the data stored on your hard disk is encrypted, please contact us first and describe your encryption method in detail. Help us crack.

What is data recovery services?
In computing, data recovery is a process of salvaging (retrieving) inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from secondary storage, removable media or files, when the data stored in them cannot be accessed in a normal way.

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