Different Types of Data Recovery Services

Service Hotline Logical failure: accidental deletion, misformatting, mispartitioning, mis-Ghost, partition prompt formatting, reinstalling system data loss, virus corruption, hacking, etc.

Service hotline Physical failure: bad track, private service program damage, PCB board burnout, head damage, spindle motor damage, hard disk abnormal sound, hard disk unrecognizable, etc.

Service hotline RAID failure: support IBM, HP, DELL, Inspur, Asus, Shuguang, and other brand server and disk array recovery, support Raid-0, Raid-1, Raid-10, Raid-5, Raid-6, NAS recovery

Service Hotline Mail Repair: Outlook, Outlook Express, Foxmail, Lotus Notes Mail Loss, Damage, etc.

Service Hotline Flash Recovery: U disk, SD card, TF card, solid state drive recovery.

Service Hotline File Repair: Office, Document, Excel, PPT, etc.

Service Hotline Multimedia Repair: MOV, MP4, Canon EOS Camera Video Recovery, Dahua Monitoring, Haikang Monitoring Lost or Damaged

Service hotline Database repair: SQL, MySQL, Oracle database cannot be attached, table loss, etc.